Time Management

Time Management

Time management is a crucial part of running a business, family household and your personal life. Whether it’s a few notes scrawled on a piece of paper so you don’t forget important  appointments, or something more elaborate and detailed, it pays to be organised. Small business mentor Fiona Roberts shares some of her helpful hints for dealing with time management.

Profile header - May 2015What does time management look like for you? Is it a to-do list (or a ‘ta-da’ list as I like to call it – you know, when you’re done you get to say ‘ta-da!’). Is it a calendar in the kitchen with everyone’s commitments pencilled in? Is it a phone that syncs with your online calendar and reminds you that you have to be somewhere in 30 minutes? Or do you simply wing it and go with the flow?

Regardless of your personal time management style, it’s worth considering these few things when you are planning your calendar:

Understand what is important. When you have limited time, you need to be clear on what is really important so you can focus on that alone. If you struggle with this, investigate Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important principle.

Know your intention. What do you want to achieve for the coming day, week or month? Depending on the day, and indeed the time of day, my intention can change substantially. Once you are clear on what you want to achieve, your whole mindset changes, and other things fall away. Which brings me to my next point…

Be present. Remember the quote “Wheresoever you go, go with all of your heart”? I reckon Confucius was on to it. When you are fully in the moment, you are more effective and you are more likely to get it right the first time. And let’s face it, having to do something over because you weren’t paying attention is ridiculously frustrating.

Delegate wherever possible. Are you the only person who can do this ‘thing’? Or can you delegate – to a team member at work, your partner or a family member? Consider how you can free up your time to focus on what you are good at and enjoy.

For me, I’m still learning to find the balance between being super organised so I can fit in everything I want to do, and having time to stop and smell the roses when the mood strikes. Remember – taking time out is just as important as everything else on your list. Sometimes the best things happen when you’ve not planned it!


Originally published in Profile Magazine, May 2015

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